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Our “Own Firm” multi-disciplinary approach draws upon the collective knowledge and resources of each relevant practice area across our different backgrounds as appropriate, to achieve efficient, effective, and practical results for our Clients.

Alternative Dispute

Wilberforce Akello as a firm is actively involved in a wide variety of alternative dispute resolution processes, practices, and techniques.

Contract Law

Contract law is the very heart of our legal system and serves as the foundation of our entire society – both locally and internationally.

Public Procurement Law & Public-Private Partnerships

The Firm provides advisory services on all aspects of Kenyan procurement law including but not limited to advisory support on the procurement process.

Cross-Border Transactions

The Firm has advised clients on transfers of property, cross border ventures, stock, international taxation, business set up.

Mergers & Acquisitions

The Firm provides a full range of Public and private transactions ranging from domestic to cross border transactions.

Project Finance and Infrastructure

The Firm provides advisory services different financing structures and arrangements for infrastructure

Real Estate and Property Law

The Firm has advised numerous clients in both residential and commercial real estate development.

Legal Audit & Compliance

Legal Audit & Compliance The Kenyan legal and regulatory regime is complex and comprises cross cutting and sector specific requirements.

Banking, Securities & Finance Law

The Firm handles work for various banks in Kenya and outside. We incorporate banks and financial institutions, advice on restricting mergers and acquisitions

Corporate Governance Law

The purpose of corporate governance is to facilitate effective, entrepreneurial and prudent management that can deliver the long-term success of the company.

Mining, Natural Resources Oil and Gas Laws

The Firm provides a full spectrum of advisory services to various companies in the mining and extractives sector including but not limited to regulatory and compliance matters, mining rights.

Aviation Law

The Firm has advised various clients on various aviation law related matters including airline establishment, aircraft finance and leasing, registration of aircrafts and interests, deregistration and insolvency.

Governance Advisory & Audits

Boards of Directors and Management are the apex of all companies and state corporations. They establish strategy and vision for the respective entities and spearhead them towards achieving the intended goals.

Constitutional & Administrative Law

The promulgation of a new constitution in Kenya in 2010 brought into prominence this branch of law. The country has witnessed multiple constitutional petitions and judicial review applications.

Labour Law

The legal environment for the employers, employees and labour unions has dramatically metamorphosed since 2007 when parliament enacted the Employment Act, Labour Institutions Act.

Family Law

This branch of law seeks to define status between the parties in the family as a fundamental unity of our Kenyan society i.e. it defines what rights a member of the family can claim over the other

Capital Markets Law

Capital markets are markets for buying and selling equity and debt instruments. Capital markets channel savings and investment between suppliers of capital such as retail investors

Energy Law

The Firm advises clients on various aspects of Energy Law and has an in depth understanding of the commercial and technical aspect of the sector necessary to guide clients through transactions

Environmental Law

Our Environmental laws thus flow from the afore-stated aspiration and the Courts have endeavoured to incorporate this aspiration into our jurisprudence.

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