Legal Audit & Compliance

The Kenyan legal and regulatory regime is complex and comprises cross cutting and sector specific requirements. This regime continues to grow,with new laws and regulations being passed each year.It is therefore easy for companies and state corporations to be at crossroads with compliance of these requirements, which may expose the entity’s officials to both civil and criminalliability. In order to ensure consistent compliance with the legal regime, state corporations are required to undertake comprehensive legal audits every two years. Companies undertake these audits for good measure. This is where we come in to assist our clients. We intensively interrogate our clients’ systems, structures and documentation and advice on the nature and extent of compliance. Consequently, we advise on measures our clients adopt to mitigate non-compliance or the effects thereof. In order to ensure sustainability of this exercise, we advise on systems the client could use to consistently monitor and self-evaluate their legal and regulatory compliance. Summary of our services include: • Undertaking legal audits; • Assisting you in establishment of legal compliance systems; •Training your staff on legal compliance; and • Preparing monitoring and evaluation tools for you.
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