Labour Law

The legal environment for the employers, employees and labour unions has dramatically metamorphosed since 2007 when parliament enacted the Employment Act, Labour Institutions Act, Labour Relations Act, Occupational Safety & Health Act and Work Injury Benefits Act. The aim of the Labour laws was to repeal and replace six (6) core labour laws and bring them into conformity with the current challenges and demands of national development and international labour standards. The resultant effect of all these laws and the creation of the Employment and Labour Courts is that the employees are now able to easily move the courts in instances of unfair labour practices including unfair dismissals. Equally, both the employers and trade unions have been able to check the impunity that was previously there especially during industrial strikes. This was evident in the recent legal tussle that involved Teachers Service Commission against KNUT & KUPPET. Wilberforce Akello & Co. Advocates has worked for many corporations and this is one of the many fields the clients has excelled in.
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