Governance Advisory & Audits

Boards of Directors and Management are the apex of all companies and state corporations. They establish strategy and vision for the respective entities and spearhead them towards achieving the intended goals. They are entrusted by the shareholders and other stakeholders (including the public and government) to protect their interests and make all the requisite disclosures.It is also widely appreciated that ethical and effective governance of business entities contributes significantly to optimalperformance. The law mandates publicly listed companies and state corporations to undertake governance audits every year. In undertaking these audits, we evaluate the composition, policies and operations of the Board of Directors and management and measure them against the law, guidelines and international best practices to gauge the level of compliance. Governance audits provide a basis for us to advise our clients on how to ensure full compliance and strengthen efficient operation of their leadership. In this respect, we do the following: • Undertake governance audits; • Assist you to develop your compliance monitoring tools; •Train your Board of Directors and C-Suite Management; and • Advise your Corporation/ Company Secretary on their role in assisting the Board of Directors.
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