Environmental Law

With respect to this area of law, the preamble of the Constitution of Kenya encapsulates the citizens’ aspirations when it states that “we the people of Kenya are respectful of the environment, which is our heritage, and determined to sustain it for the benefit of the future generations”. Our Environmental laws thus flow from the afore-stated aspiration and the Courts have endeavoured to incorporate this aspiration into our jurisprudence. Pursuant to the provisions of the Constitution Parliament established the Environment and Land Court division of the High Court which is a specialized Court having jurisdiction to hear and determine matters land and environment. This has ultimately resulted in the expeditious determination of matters affecting land and the environment. Wilberforce Akello & Company Advocates as a firm has a long history of litigation aimed at the protection and preservation of the environment. Particularly, the firm is engaged in litigation aimed at the protection of about 4,000 acres situate within the Mau Forest. The firm has also represented various clients before the National Environmental Tribunal including representing high profile clients such as the Kenya Power & Lighting Company Limited in a dispute involving the construction of sub-stations worth over billions of shillings within a residential area. These are simply a few of the many environmental matters that we have dealt with successfully.
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