Energy Law

The Firm advises clients on various aspects of Energy Law and has an in depth understanding of the commercial and technical aspect of the sector necessary to guide clients through transactions, regulatory compliance and proceedings, environmental issues, financing, renewables and sustainable development, litigation and dispute resolution. The Firm advises leading energy sector state corporations and private sector players and thus has a global understanding of the considerations on both ends of the spectrum. Robson Harris in collaboration with other International Counsel and local counsel provided advisory services on various transactions in the energy sector in South Sudan. Insurance Law As a firm, we mostly represent the firms in accident matters. One of our primary objectives in these kinds of matters is to expeditiously conclude on the cases so as to save on costs for our clients. We also represent several individual clients who may wish to go against insurance firms. The firm has four (4) advocates who deal with these matters. Intellectual Property Rights Law Wilberforce Akello & Company Advocates provides a full spectrum legal advisory service on all aspect in relation to IP Law including but not limited to: IP litigation, trade secrets, patents, copyrighting, trademarks, industrial designs, IP related licensing and user agreements. The Firm also provides the following services in the EAC region in collaboration with associated firms.
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